4 SEO Secrets to Make Your Website Ranking Higher

Written by: Bill Brown

Do you still find it impossible to rank your site high in Google search results?

Of course, it's a magic-like thing. Yet, all the magic lies in you. Got it?Well, I'll explain. What all the bloggers need is to see their website appear on the first page of Google rankings. If not, they will be just buried in the weight of other influential, top-listed sites. And it's of no use publishing loads and loads of valuable articles if visitors cannot see them. You might have written good content. But, if they are submerged in the torrent of other articles, people do not get a chance to read them. And all the success of your business depends on the number of visitors that step into your website. But, if you cannot increase the visibility of it, you'll become a failure.What's the reason for this?The problem lies in the SEO. Is your content search-engine friendly? In short, they are the most important words you should add to the titles. They enable the traffic to find you. Some bloggers have understood this strategy very well and often become successful in their online businesses. And some others with an imperfect knowledge of SEO become utter failures.If you need to see your business blogs at the top of SEO rankings, be careful about the keywords. There are a lot of myths and truths about the way how keywords should be used. Here are some secrets you need to know about SEO. Read them well and get the theory correctly to be a massive success in your online business.

Understand the Google ranking algorithm

You should be well aware of this crucial point. The way how Google needs you to create the topics of articles is specific. These topics should be laden with keywords. This is its algorithm. You need to know it well. If you find it still hard to understand, think a while. Remember how you type a specific topic into a search engine. Most probably, that's the way how other visitors too type it. So, try to guess the correct keywords to increase the strength of the topic. If your topic is armed with keywords, you are more likely to be seen at the top of the search results. Anybody who browses the internet for something goes to websites that appear only in the first few pages of the search results. Or sometimes they visit the sites which appear only on the first page of the results. So, it's most advisable to appear yourself on the first page. Then only the readers can find you. Most people lose their way in the middle of the title. They don't go further. That happens because their keyword density in the title does not reach the required level. So, you need to plan your topic well. You can even get the help of Blue Hostto find the best-fitting ones.Google often makes changes to their algorithm. It's not easy for the bloggers to find the exact keywords to use. You must be familiar with the keywords used by bloggers. You can add a lot of colour to your articles by knowing the correct algorithm. This is the most significant success in your online business.Related: The Ultimate Guide to SEO for Financial AdvisorsRelated: Is SEO Overrated for Small Businesses?

Do the right kind of keyword research to increase organic traffic

This is an important issue to increase more traffic to your website. You need to know the keywords which are already successful in bringing traffic. For instance, you can use How To topics to increase your visibility. Or else you can get the help of Bluehost Google AdWords or keyword planner to collect the best fitting ones.

Ensure your website is mobile-friendly

These days, people tend to use mobile devices to browse the internet. It may be due to their busy lifestyles. Whatever it is, the web designers need to make their websites mobile-friendly to give way to these mobile users. Even Google has adopted this new trend and has introduced AMP mark-up to make this process more effective. So, make your website mobile friendly and allow more visitors step into it.

Build relationships, not links

It's advisable for you to connect directly with real business people or real websites. It's far better and more practical than just adding the link to your website on other sites. There, you'll be able to build up more effective relationships between valuable people. You will get a lot of advantages by associating these real people and webs.However, the above-mentioned SEO secrets will help you a lot in making your website appear at the top of the SEO rankings. But, you must be efficient to make your title keyword rich. Otherwise, it will be a failure.