Financial Services is Entering A New Era of Customer Engagement

Written by: Shereen MohammedMany companies outside of financial services continue to step up their game when it comes to customer engagement and personalization. This is resulting in many consumers expecting and demanding that same level of customer engagement and personalization from their banks and financial advisors. While non-financial service companies use incentives or points or other programs to create personalization, in financial services it has to be about creating personalized experiences that respond to a client’s need in real time.According to Digital Banking Report, banks and credit unions are increasingly adopting a more personalized approach to connecting with consumers across all media channels. One way that financial advisors and banking professionals can stay ahead of their competitors is to make a strong effort to build human connections and build more of an emotional style of consumer engagement.As financial institutions and wealth management firms become a lot smarter with data and they are gaining insights into specifically what kind and what level of personalization consumers are demanding.Here are some examples of how wealth management firms are using technology to take their customer engagement to the next level.

Quality Content

By using a simple marketing platform, advisors are creating their own blogs and writing and publishing their own content without needing any technical knowledge. Blogging creates that additional way that advisors’ audience can engage and build trust with an advisor. Over time, blogs are creating a positive impact for many advisors using our platform. They are seeing higher website traffic, higher engagement and new business coming from their website as well. Making the effort to create quality content that is engaging and compelling will only have benefits for advisor marketing program. …make a strong effort to build human connections and build more of an emotional style of consumer engagement.


As new content such as blog articles gets created, the best way to get people actually reading it is by sending it out to your list of clients and prospects. We often hear that many send PDFs attachments to a list of clients through their email service provider. While it is good that advisors are trying to stay in touch with their audience, by not using an email marketing platform, advisors are not creating a poor user experience. Additionally, using an email marketing platform gets higher than average open and click through rates. Sending an email newsletter with a link back to a new blog article also pushes people to an advisor website, where they can also read additional content.Related: How to Find The Best Customers For Your BusinessRelated: Topics to Turn Advisors into Content Writing Pros

Social Media

When wealth management marketing teams see advisors sharing their content on social media channels like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, their audience often engages with that content through likes, comments and shares. This is a great way for advisors to continue to make an impact and influence their audience beyond their regular scheduled meetings.


When customers are more engaged with a brand they are more loyal but even more important, when they are engaged with their financial advisor they are more likely to be a long time client. That level of engagement creates a certain trust that takes a long time to build. Wealth firms can’t afford to take customer engagement seriously because quite frankly, if they don’t another firm well and clients are just waiting to get a better experience from someone else. This article was originally posted on Veriday’s company website . Veriday is a software company focused on digital engagement.