The Future of Voice Recognition

Nowadays we can’t imagine a world without Amazon Alexa assistants or Siri on iPhones. That gradually changing shift in technology has started to shape consumer behaviour, as well as the core strategies of the world’s technological giants.

Google, Apple and Amazon are all battling to become the market leader for voice recognition in response to the increased consumer interest. In fact, it’s been revealed that Amazon sold tens of millions of Echo devices last year, with Google’s Home hub close on their tail, followed by Apple’s HomePod. Each one is striving to provide users with the best experience to get an age over their competitors. Currently, Google’s is proving to be the most accurate in its answers and responses.

Furthermore, these virtual assistants are now capable of much more than simply searching the internet. Thanks to app developers , there is a wide range of smartphone apps that are compatible with voice recognition technology. Not only this, but smart devices around the home are also able to help humans as part of the intriguing Internet of Things notion.

It’s only natural to wonder what the future of this unique technology is going to be given its huge success already.