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How to Apply for Twitter “Verified” Status


How to Apply for Twitter “Verified” Status

If you’re a Twitter user, you’re probably already familiar with the Twitter Verification badge – the white check mark on a blue background signifying that the account represents the person or organization that it claims to represent.

“Verified” status is reserved for accounts that may be of public interest – celebrities, media, politics, business, public figures, etc. – accounts that are widely popular and influential to their audience. Not only do they “authenticate” the messenger for the listener, but they also provide a level of credibility and authority to the owner of the account.

Until recently, the verification process had been somewhat of a mystery, however, on July 19th, Twitter announced the creation of a formal application process, allowing anyone to apply for “Verified” status.

To Apply for Twitter “Verified” Status

1. Go to the application page.

2. Before you can “continue”, you’ll need to sign into your Twitter account from your desktop and see that your Profile page is set up for verification. Does it have:

  • a bio
  • a profile picture of you
  • a header image
  • your birthday
  • a link to your website

3. Then click on “Settings” under the thumbnail profile image in the top right-hand corner of the page.

In “settings”, if you haven’t already, you’ll need to:

  • Verify your phone number: add your phone number to the box. Twitter will then text you a confirmation code.
  • Confirm your email address: you probably did this when you set up the account, but you’ll want to make sure that it’s current.
  • Set your privacy settings to “Public”

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4. Now you’re ready to complete the application. Make sure the correct Twitter Username is displayed. To change accounts, you have to sign into the other Twitter account and reload the application page.

5. You will need to list a minimum of two URLs to websites that will help identify you and display your work, and finally, you have the opportunity to provide a explanation of why you should be verified.

6. Click next, check your application, then click confirm.

Twitter will let you know the results via email. Should your request be denied, you can apply again 30 days after receipt of the email.

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