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#PrivacyProject Shows Us Why We Need To Read App Terms


Have you ever actually read all of the terms before using a smartphone app? Smartphones have made it easier than ever for us to simply download apps for everything and anything we need. However, most of us simply trust the apps we download and agree to terms that we likely would not agree to if we knew what we were actually agreeing to.

 #PrivacyProject is a short film (2 min.) made by Filmmaker Ivan Cash in partnership with Silent Circle and the creators of the “NSA-proof” Blackphone, that shows man-in-the-street style interviews with the public to show them just what terms they are actually agreeing to on popular smartphone apps.

While it’s fun to enjoy free apps that allow us to snap photos or chat with friends for free, we must remember – There’s no such thing as free. Every time you download a new app, you agree to terms and conditions.

Filmmaker Ivan Cash and his team asked people to read their app permissions out loud and the results were shocking.

One woman read her apps’ terms and said:

I agree to let this app change my device’s call log, including incoming and outgoing calls’ data. Why would they want to change my call log?

A man then read his out loud:

I allow this app to record audio at any time without my confirmation. That’s pretty terrible.

Another woman read hers which said:

I give this app permission to modify calendar events and send emails without my knowledge.

Other app terms gave permissions like to read texts, modify contacts, record phone calls, read personal profiles, precise location, and to turn off airplane mode.

According to the #PrivacyProject, the biggest risk to you and your company’s privacy is your smartphone. Some of the most popular apps on your smartphone ask for permissions that expose data to outside sources. We asked people on the street to read some of these permissions out loud so we could capture their reactions.

I feel like I’m giving my life over to an app!


How do you feel about these terms? Have you read the terms of the apps you’re using now?

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