The 10 Best Tools to Find Any Prospect's Email Address

There are a lot of great tools out there that can help you find a prospect's email address. The problem is, many of those tools come at a high cost. For small businesses, solopreneurs, or boot-strapped startups investing in one of those tools may not be feasible. Luckily, there are also plenty of great, totally free tools out there that can help you uncover a prospect's email address.

1. Find That Email

Find That Email is simple and easy to use. Simply input a prospect's name and company into their search bar and get an email address instantly. Find That Email also lets you save your prospects into organized lists. Their free plan includes up to 50 search credits per month.

2. Sell Hack

Sell Hack extracts information from LinkedIn to reveal a prospect's verified email address. Sell Hack also includes the ability to build lead lists and sync contact information directly into SalesForce. Their free plan includes 10 search credits per month.

3. Anymail Finder

Anymail Finder is a Chrome Extension which allows you to discover prospect's email addresses directly from company websites. The free plan includes 20 lookups.

4. VoilaNorbert

Input a prospect's full name and company domain and Norbert will discover their corporate email address. VoilaNorbert also includes other features like updating the status of a prospect to "lead," "contacted," and "won/lost." You can lookup 50 contacts for free.

5. RepIQ

RepIQ helps you discover prospects and access verified contact information for leads at over +500,000 companies in the RepIQ database. Simply search for a company and RepIQ will suggest leads for you. Looking for someone else? Input a first and last name and RepIQ will uncover your prospect's email address. RepIQ also includes prospect list building, email tracking, engagement analytics, and more. RepIQ's email lookup, prospect database, and email tracking are free to use.

6. LeadFinch

LeadFinch is a Chrome Extension which extracts information from LinkedIn profiles to uncover a prospect's email address. LeadFinch's free plan includes eight email matches per month.

7. Elucify

Elucify is a crowdsourced database of prospect contact information. Elucify allows you to search by company, then enter a prospect's name to discover their email address. Elucify if free to use if you allow Elucify to extract and upload your business contacts to their database.

8. Email Matcher

Enter a prospect's first and last name and company domain to generate their email address. Email Matcher is free to use.

9. Find Any Email

Enter a prospect's name and company website to discover their email address. Find Any Email also includes social enrichment, so you can quickly discover a prospect's social media accounts. Their free plan includes 100 email credits.

10. Lusha

Lusha allows you to search for and discover prospect's email addresses and phone numbers. Lusha's free plan includes five lookups per month.