The Top 7 Paying Cybersecurity Careers

Written by: Jamie Defoe

If you’re on a job hunt looking for a high paying job with the capacity and capability to work in any industry, then you should consider the cybersecurity fieldas a big option.However, like every other high paying jobs, having the experience to operate in the cybersecurity field offers you a major advantage over others who are vying for lucrative jobs in this space with only academic credentials.There are various internship opportunities available while obtaining at least a bachelor’s degree certification related to cybersecuritywhich shows you’re prepared for the job ahead. Then again, getting a bachelor degree isn’t a guarantee that you’d make it big in the cybersecurity field as it is common with employers to prefer people with about 8-10 years of practical experience. Nevertheless it’s a good place to start.Furthermore, it is very important to stay updated about the latest happenings in the cybersecurity field. A continuous learning process and constant questions and adequate monitoring are very essential to remaining relevant and places you high in demand while in the industry.

Common Cyber Security Certifications

Formal education and certification are very important in landing a job in the cybersecurity field. While a first degree can get you a job in any relative area in the from the entry level on up in the cyber security industry, it might just not be enough in the long run, especially if you’re aspiring to attain highest levels of cybersecurity and formidable build IT career.To make this possible, you really might have to consider getting a professional certification or better still, opt-in to do your Master’s degree. With this certification, you’ll be able to gather more technical and theoretical skills and “know-how.”However, depending on the program, it either could be focused on management, leadership, as well as business skills which would propel you directly into high-level positions.Here are some of the common degree programs that most professionals in cybersecurity usually consider:— MS in Information Technology— MS in Computer Science— Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA)— MS in Cyber Security Operations and Leadership— Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control (CRISC)— Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)— MS in Information Assurance— Certified Information Privacy Professional/US (CIPP/US)— MS in Computer Engineering— Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA)Nevertheless, the choice of program best for you depends ultimately on your choice of career and future goals and aspirations.

Why choose cybersecurity as a career?

The rate of cyber fraud all around the globe is becoming increasingly alarming. In fact, it is estimated that cybercrime cost the global economy about $400 billion annually.Even some of the big shots companies around the world are not exempted from the heat, which justifies why they are trying everything possible to fight the occurrence or maybe a possible recurrence.So as cyber attacks are increasing in astute volume and strong tenacities, changing tactics every now and then, government and private stakeholders are raising the alarm and fighting it every way they can, thus, prompting the increase in demand for cybersecurity professionals across every sector of the economy.Hence, owing to the excessive shortage in a critical sector of national security and following the regulations of supply and demand, professionals in the industry earn a high pay since they work so hard to combat cybercrime.What then are the best cybersecurity positions available and how can you land them?

Information Security Analyst

The role of information security is ranked tops in virtually every country and economic sector. Your main duty at this time is basically centered on protecting important and sensitive information. You are mandated to create plans and implement strategies to avoid attacks, create protective policies for organization against attacks, make sure of adequate policies compliance, track access of data access as well as conducting offline and online IT training for other staffs. Annual Salary Range: $49K - $102KUSD

Lead Software Security Engineer

As a lead software engineer, your major job is typically centered on leading a team of experts to analyze, assess risk, and create backup and security measures for organizations while looking out for possible loops and vulnerabilities. Average Annual Salary: $230K

Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

A CISO is an advanced level role that is tasked with implementing, developing, as well as sustaining security protocols which protect the company from external risks and dangers. Average Salary: $190K

Security Architect

If you’re a security architect, you’d be responsible for accessing both basic and complex security threats and suggesting and implementing solutions to checkmate the corporation’s data. They also have a tendency to participating in software and hardware security. A security architect is also responsible for overseeing and educating stages in how to go about design security models, security policies, and also integrating VPNs, firewalls, and many of such. Annual Salary Range: $80K - $147KRelated: Understanding the Principle of Least Privilege in Cybersecurity

Penetration Tester

As a Penetration tester, you’d be in charge of identifying the loopholes and vulnerabilities in a corporation’s network. This is done through the use of constant probing and testing the system while making use of different tools. Annual Salary Range: $45K – $120K

Information Security Crime Investigator/Forensics Expert

A forensics expert focuses primarily on fighting cybercrime. They serve as the underground detective for investigating cyber crimes and also trying to identify the errors and flaws in the network where the attack came from, checking to see if it attackers leave any clues behind for nabbing them. Annual Salary Range: $55K – $119K

Security Consultant

The last on our list of top best jobs in the cyber security field as a security consultant. A security consultant is, however, an all-rounder cybersecurity expert. They are in charge of assessing cybersecurity risks, dangers and rendering solutions for different corporations as well as guiding them on how to protect and secure their physical and cyber data and capital. Average Salary: $106KOf course, this is just a few from the many jobs you can get from the cybersecurity field.So what are you waiting for, wouldn’t it be a great idea to get certified and begin your journey toward having a worthwhile career? Jamie Defoe is a mother to 8 children and an avid cook. She enjoys theater from both the audience as well as being on stage. She has been writing stories ever since she could put pen to paper and still enjoys doing so today. She completed her ISACA Certification Course and now writes for Skill Build Training as a part-time writer.