7 Technologies Coming to New Homes

Written by: Kevin Gardner

Technology is always advancing , and the world today looks very different than it did 20 or even 10 years ago. Most people think about smartphones, social media and new apps. However, advanced technologies are also reaching the home in some interesting ways. These are seven technologies that are coming to new homes and redefining the way we live.

1. Robots

Although they have been around for a while, cleaning robots such as the Roomba have gotten ever more advanced. While there are still many more improvements to make, these devices are no longer limited to just sweeping up. Some can mop your floors, clean your windows or even scrub the toilet.

Our lives are getting closer to science fiction every day. We may not have humanoid, maid robots yet, but that future may not be so far away.

2. Smart Appliances

Smart homes are all the rage and the appliance manufacturers are getting in on the game. While some smart technology may seem pointless such as Twitter on your fridge door, other smart upgrades are more practical. For example, your laundry can send you a notification when it is done. Another fridge has an interior camera so you can check it when you are at the grocery store. These smart devices make running your home easier than ever.

3. Lighting Control

Saving electricity is an important part of the new technologies. Advancements such as LED lightbulbs have gone a long way. Even better, however, is the ability to control your lights automatically. They can turn on when you come in the door and shut off when you leave. You can also control them from your phone when you are out of the house. Some options even let you change the color and tone of your lighting. Want softer lighting at night? That’s no problem.

4. Solar Energy

The latest solar panels are more advanced than ever. They can provide more energy and be practically used in a variety of applications. Additionally, home designers are planning for panels now. Therefore, you can have solar paneling on your roof without it being an eyesore. Solar is one of the most accessible and practical forms of renewable energy. It could revolutionize the way we power our homes.

5. Energy Efficient Tech

Again, saving electricity and being greener is important to many homeowners today. Technology designers and homebuilders are happy to oblige. For a long time, appliances and other home devices have gotten more energy efficient. However, there is a new trend of self-monitoring devices.

This home tech can better self-regulate and even notify owners when maintenance is required to ensure lasting efficiency. That is some very smart technology.

6. Centralized Entertainment Devices

Home entertainment systems have been around for a while. However, for a long time, they were clunky and way too complicated for the average homeowner. Sure, the ultrawealthy could have these systems set up for them, but that trend didn’t affect average people.

Today, centralizes home entertainment systems are simpler and better than ever. They can be controlled by a dedicated tablet or even from people’s smartphones. These make streaming content to different screens around the home as simple as possible.

7. Built-In Networking

Internet connectivity is more important than ever. Everyone needs fast Wi-Fi to be able to interact with all the latest technologies. Many homes are being built to better accommodate this. From built-in networking setups to material choices that will interrupt signals less, modern homes are built for the internet age.

Many homeowners are also turning to mesh networks that improve signal throughout the house. If we rely on technology, we need the connectivity to support it.

These new technologies are making our homes better than they ever have been before. What was once only possible in the imagination of science fiction writers is now the norm for a modern home. From solar energy to smart appliances, the future is now.

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