Cyber Security and Why It Matters

Written by: Kevin Gardner


A large common fear today in the technologically-driven world we live in is our privacy. Recently, large companies have been under fire for having large data leaks that reveal customer's information including where they live to the credit cards they use. Investing in cybersecurity is an important part of keeping the trust of customers to give you their information without the fear of it being compromised. Follow all of these reasons for why you should be building up your cybersecurity right now.

Credit Cards

If you're any type of store, having cybersecurity to ensure financial information is safe should be one of your top goals. By not having a secure payment system, you might have customers credit cards being leaked so that they get plenty of charges that aren't theirs. Even worse, customers loyalty to your store might weaken where they might seek after different payment systems like PayPalthat could potentially cost you more in fees or even worse, quit buying from your store altogether. Anyone dealing with financial information needs to get a cybersecurity solution today.

Cloud Services

Many of us today back up a lot of our important files to the cloudbut like everything else on the internet though, many people target the cloud to steal files. Those who have had their cloud accounts broken into find that their important photos and documents might be spread where they don't want them. If you're responsible for handling a cloud system, you need to work on a way that customers don't have their files leaked by hiring cybersecurity personnel. Having a cybersecurity team that knows how to beef up their cloud securitycreates a customer base that might be more likely to spend more money on a system that makes sure that just because they don't have their files backed up locally means that they are gone to the public. Make sure you have a cybersecurity team working on your cloud system if you have one.

Employee Information

Keeping all of your information safe that your customers trust to give you is important, but it's also important to think about the employees that you hire. By having information get hacked from your employees, they can have their address, bank account information, and even social security numbers leaked. Building an environment where your own employees can trust the company is important to help build loyalty and the drivenness to keep working there and getting better. Building a cybersecurity team that works within the company is important to stomp out these issues so your employees can have peace of mind.

DDOS Attacks

A constant international threat to the digital age has been DDOS tactics. DDOS, standing for Distributed Denial-of-Service, means using a group of computers that are usually compromised to overload web sites and internet services. This can great outages lasting hours that causes businesses to lose a bunch of money in terms of what can be sold during the time and customers being upset enough to switch to somewhere else. Hiring a cybersecurity team will let you create barriers that protect yourself from these DDOS attacks. Increasing DDOS attacks are just one of the reasons why to have a cybersecurity team.


Last but not least, a common attack that has happened in recent years is bitcoin extortion. Hackers get into computer systems for companies and load up a virus on all of the computers that demands bitcoins sent to a certain address or they all get wiped. Often the damage if all the data is wiped costs more than paying the bitcoin so many businesses will pay into it. By having a cybersecurity team, you won't have to worry about the bitcoin threats as your systems will be prevented from even being loaded up with the virus in the first place.


With this wide variety of reasons, you should be pretty sold on having a cybersecurity team. Paying for employees that can prevent dangerous situations will be a lot cheaper in costs than if anything comes up down the line. Make sure you find the most skilled individuals you can find in cybersecurity.Related: 6 Tips to Better Work With Your IT Department