The Power Of Video Marketing For Boosting Google Ranking

Written by: Ethan Rome

Video marketing has grown exponentially over the last decade, bypassing many seasoned marketing tools in terms of driving web traffic, increasing user engagement, and boosting conversions. It is now among the most effective techniques of elevating a website’s SEO rankings. That is why every marketer must invest in the right strategies for video content marketing. You need to know what to include in your videos for optimal success .

This article examines the power of video marketing in improving website SEO.

1. Maximizing social media engagement

A study has shown that there are now over 3 billion social media users across the world, with every age bracket well represented. In the US and Canada, over ¾ of the population is on at least one social media platform. That tells you how huge the social media audience is. A serious marketer knows that the best marketing strategy is to meet the clients where they are- in their natural habitation. But where does video marketing fit in this regard?

Well, one reason why social media platforms get the huge following is that they make it easy for users to share and engage with visual content such as images and videos. On Instagram, people share videos on both their timelines and social stories. That is the same case with Facebook. And because WhatsApp and Instagram are powered by Facebook, it is almost seamless for social users to share videos across the three platforms. If you post cultivating and entertaining videos on your social accounts, you invite social media users to become not only your regular online visitors but also unpaid brand ambassadors. These people will like, comment, and share the message you post through your videos. The net effect of that is increased web traffic and backlinks.

2. Video tells your story better

Videos are more likely to go viral for as long as they are interesting enough. If a picture is worth a thousand words, we can authoritatively argue that a video is worth 1000 times more than that. On average, one 1-minute long video can convey almost the same message that 2 million characters would in a static paragraph. Note that a video doesn’t need to have an audio to go viral- you will know this if you have watched Mr. Bean videos. In that regard, you can cram an entire chapter of your marketing book into one video and reach more people than you would have if you wrote it on a blog. Also, note that people remember what they watch more than they remember what they read.

3. Video has the ability to improve ‘dwell time’ on your website

Because people love videos, your online visitors will dwell more on your website if they find an engaging video as compared to static images and text. The duration that a visitor spends on your site tells search engines that your content is helpful to the visitor, so they recommend it to more people who search the same keywords. This is the trust you need to win the ranking game.

4. It is easy to optimize video for mobile

It is easier to boost your website traffic on mobile devices through video than it is through text. After all, mobile users can strain to read small text on mobile, but they don’t have to suffer the same experience when watching videos. And because over half of all internet searchers use mobile browsers, you cannot ignore the impact of optimizing your content for mobile. Studies also show that over 90% of video consumers prefer to watch videos on their smartphones than on desktops.

5. YouTube increase your site’s exposure

Forget about Google and other search engines. YouTube has grown to become the second biggest search engine after Google. In that regard, when your video trends on YouTube, you already have made a kill regardless of whether Google and other search engines are impressed. All you need to do is link your YouTube channel to your website and YouTube users will follow you there. When your traffic increases organically, search engines will start to notice you and elevate your ranking.


Video marketing is great for your marketing and SEO ranking, but it won’t raise your conversion rates on its own. The best it can do is bring people to your site and stay there long enough for Google to notice. It is then up to you to ensure that your on-page content is of the highest quality possible. You will only satisfy searchers’ intent and drive sales through high-quality content.