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5 Experts Weigh-in on Social Media for Advisors


5 Experts Weigh-in on Social Media for Advisors

How should financial advisors be using social media? What are some good social media marketing tips for financial advisors? Those are questions I’m sure that have bounced around in every financial advisor’s mind at some point or another.

I took the time to ask some industry experts the following question: 

“What is the biggest tip you can give financial advisors when it comes to social media sales and marketing?” 

Holmes Osborne

Holmes Osborne is the Principal at Osborne Global Investors.

The biggest social media marketing tip for financial advisors is…

“Most advisers can’t really post on social media with their compliance department’s approval.  Our firm can as I am the principal.  Registered Investment Advisers have less red tape.  As long as what you are stating is truthful and can be verified, you should be okay. “

Jamilah N. McCluney

Jamilah N. McCluney is Founder and CEO of Black Wealth Financial. She implements strategies for those misinformed by poor and outdated financial advice or those who have been overlooked due to a lack of large finances or wealth. She believes you have to start somewhere and is interested in helping you start right where you are. 

The biggest social media marketing tip for financial advisors is….

“The biggest tip that I can offer advisors in regards to social media marketing can be summed up with two simple words, use it. There are so many direct opportunities to interact with potential clients and prospects which allow you to give insight into who you are through the many vehicles available via social media. 

In many instances, the platforms are free and easy to use. If you are not using social media in some capacity, you are truly missing out on countless opportunities to be seen, heard, and to educate the public.”

James Mawson

James Mawson is a freelance copywriter and web marketing consultant based in Melbourne, Australia. He has worked for various financial services clients, including property development financiers and retirement planners.

The biggest social media marketing tip for financial advisors is….

“Quality of engagement is much more important than quantity. Too many businesses get started on social media and just chase numbers… more likes, more shares, more views.. none of it matters unless there’s a reliable path to some cash. Don’t be scared to lose some of this by testing attention spans. The guy who won’t spend 5 or 10 minutes reading your best stuff for free sure as hell isn’t gonna become a client. Aim your social strategy at buyers, you’re not there for anyone else.”

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Brandon Howard

Brandon Howard (All My Web Needs) is a web designer, marketer, problem solver, and most importantly an entrepreneur. He owns several online businesses providing a wide range of products and services in different industries, both nationally and internationally. Brandon strives to find unique ways to help small businesses.

The biggest social media marketing tip for financial advisors is…

“The biggest tip I can provide for financial advisers when it comes to social media sales and marketing is that you’ll probably have better luck with search engine marketing. Social media is great for selling certain things, but for professional services like financial planning social media is more of an outlet to establish a following and relate to your customers. A better way to get sales would be to focus on search engines.”

Allan Givens

Allan Givens is the Content Relationship Coordinator & Digital Marketing Specialist at FitSmallBusiness

The biggest social media marketing tip for financial advisors is…

“Post frequently but do not spam. One issue that many businesses run into is bombarding their followers with post after post or add after add.  Post every day to show that you have a pulse but refrain from posting every hour. If utilizing twitter keep it to 5 post max, with Facebook try and keep it to two. If you are posting at optimal traffic times and have relevant hashtags you will be able to maximize exposure a lot more. Additionally, less posts means increasing your chances of interacting with those who interact on your post.” 

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