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7 Blogs You Should Be Writing Right Now


7 Blogs You Should Be Writing Right Now

I write a lot of blogs.

Part of me does it because I like writing. I also do it because I think it’s the best way for people who know stuff that can help specific other people get their ideas out there, via the worlds most effective marketing platform.

I think as an expert in your field – some who knows stuff which can be applied to others situation to help then achieve a financial result – you should write blogs.

Or video-blog. The process is the same.

I get that some find it hard, or time-consuming, or perhaps even confronting.

I still think you should do it. If anything because if you don’t, it’s going to make it harder to connect with future clients 

So, recently I shared the system we use for producing what we hope for most is high-value content, with a practical edge.

We call it our Content Monster and I’m serious when I say it takes me around 4-8 hours a month to knock out a weekly, (hopefully) value-add piece of content to share something that I might help a business improve something important.

I created the Guide to provide further insight into how it works, called Tell Your Story. You’ll find that here.

On page 20, I showed one tool we use, called the Content Matrix. It’s one of over a hundred frameworks in our program we use to make it all flow.

It demonstrates how to make content marketing simpler by focusing on repeating a few key themes in seven different ways, simply by slightly varying your writing style.

It’s about varying content without varying the message.

But I wanted to take it further, and show you more:

a) Real examples of how the styles work.
b) How the consistency of themes works, and
c) How I scope out high-level articles/ videos fast, so when it comes to writing/ filming day it’s simply about fleshing out, not creating from scratch.

There are seven styles, but I’m going to share three.

If you’d like the other four, email me and I’ll share (in return for a small favour).

The reason why is two-fold

a) I want to show you it can be done more easily than most do it now.
b) I want to show you the system behind the outcome.
c) I want you to write the blogs, get them out there in the world and start a path to automating your leadflow.


BTW, these are real articles I’ve scoped out to write.

Blog 1: Opinion Piece

Theme: The Royal Commission

  • The focus of this article is to neither appear defensive or seem to distance ourselves from the industry.
  • We will simply restate what we’re about, being like a lighthouse on the hill in a foggy night (metaphor)
  • I’ve been saddened by what’s coming out, but it’s allowed me to reflect on what we do as much as what we don’t:
  • We can’t call ourselves independent, but we are the people who run the business own the business.
  • We have a Licensee but our obligation to them does not extend beyond giving the best advice to our clients.
  • We’ve never felt pressure to support certain products nor would we allow such pressure. We rely on good research and knowing our clients.
  • We believe that when our clients pay for services, they get provided. This includes being proactive in our communication, sticking to advice principles and being available when it’s needed.
  • Finally, we only provide advice to those we believe it will benefit and tell it straight otherwise.
  • We welcome the commission and invite questions from anyone seeking answers.

Blog 2 : The Parable style

Theme: How To Invest With Losing It All & Wishing You Hadn’t

  • Henry Ford once famously had a bet with a journo who said he wasn’t smart enough to be an engineer.
  • He bet the journo he could answer any question about engineering of cars he asked, or he’d publicly renounce his company. The journo accepted.
  • On the day, in Ford’s office, the journo asked the most obscure question possible. Ford picked up the phone, spoke to his head engineer, the phoned a technical adviser, before finally speaking to his head of production and gave the right answer.
  • “That’s cheating!”, accused the journalist. “No,” said Ford, “I answered your question, and that’s called being smart”
  • A lot of people seek to invest by DIY. They unknowingly make mistakes because they think DIY means they have to be the expert from day 1. The truth is DIY just means you “do it”, it doesn’t mean you have to be the expert and it definitely mean you shouldn’t go near it until you understand a system to make it work
  • Don’t ask your adviser if he is the expert. As if he or she has a system. That’s what counts.

Blog 3: The Big Mistake style

Theme: Bitcoin, cryptocurrency and hyper returns

  • We tell ourselves lies every day, without knowing it. It’s a psychological bias that makes us notice the information we want to hear and ignore the data we don’t.
  • We prefer information that supports our worldview.
  • Bitcoin is sexy right now, but do you think people are frenzied about it because the fundamentals are correct, or because they want to believe it will make them rich.
  • We’re being sold a dream of something that we want to believe. If you don’t believe this, see what the experts are saying, and read it without wanting them to say it’s good or bad. Leave your bias out of it.
  • The solution to any confirmation bias situation is to get external validation. Get a system to cancel out your . potential bias.

..and literally, that’s it.

Each time I do it (once every 90 days) I do that one my IPad pro using my Apple Pencil and, in about 40-60 mins, I’ve got anywhere from 25-35 articles ready to rock.

And the big secret is I rarely write any of them, because dictating or filming is about 5-8 times faster.

But that’s for another day.

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PS. If you’re prepared to write and publish these articles, and share it with me, I have an offer for you that you may be interested in. Think of it as a irresistable motivation for taking a first step, or making a decision to make this a habit that transforms your leadgen forever. Over to you..

Want a next step?

Don’t hesitate. Email me.

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