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7 Warning Signs That The Prospect Is Not Right For You


No matter how hard you try to get it right, some prospects are just not right for you.  

You are wasting your time and would be best to just cut your losses and move on quickly.

The problem we have is that often we don’t figure that out until we have wasted an enormous amount of time and effort – perhaps even persisting to the point where we did eventually bring them on as a client, only to find that they become the “client from hell”.

There are warning signs that the person you are trying to win as a client could potentially be a complete waste of time.  We simply need to be aware of what the warning signs are, and then if they start to tick a couple of boxes (or rather, get “crosses in boxes”) then you can apply a little test to help figure out whether they are genuine prospects who are perhaps just having a bad day, or whether the prospect is a probable future disappointment.

In this weeks quick video we work talk through what the warning signs are, and what you can do about it …

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