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8 Reasons Why Women Are Excellent Clients ... and Investors

Advisors: YOU are missing a wealthy and savvy market of investors? Women!

Guys, (since the majority of advisors are older men at this point) I encourage you to wake up. Get to know the spouses of your clients, host investment seminars for women, learn HOW to communicate more effectively and how to listen to understand....not to reply.
  • Graying of divorce : 1 million U.S. women get divorced each year and FIRE their current advisor. *Divorce rates for couples in their 50s have doubled in thirty years. Most women want MORE from life and love.
  • 69% of divorces are initiated by women. Done with loveless, sexless and unpassionate marriages. They want and deserve MORE. Online dating expands the opportunities.
  • Widows : 975,000 women become widows each year. Median age is 59 years-young.
  • 70% - SEVENTY percent FIRE their advisor within one year!
  • Expected to inherit a total of $25 trillion.
  • WANT an advisor they trust, learn from and can talk with.
  • Women are more than 51% of the US population.
  • Please read : They are NOT a niche and DO live longer than men.

    Women are excellent clients, enjoy learning, are a great source of referrals, are loyal, have money, want to invest and are a growing market in the world. I could go on and on about the strength of women. They really are amazing!