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90-Days Worth of Content Marketing in Just 8 Hours!


If you’re an adviser, broker or senior accountant whos spending spending a lot of hours on your Content Marketing I need to share something. Click the image to watch the video.

90-day worth of content marketing in just 8 hours, would that be worth your time?

Content marketing is the best strategy for firms to get leads in the digital world. You’ve seen people make it work, but there’s only one issue.

Who has the time to author scores of blogs or film countless videos each month, let alone edit them, post them up and distribute.

And that’s before we count the cost of wasted time getting it wrong and not hitting the mark.

I’d like to make it one of the easiest marketing strategies available to you. I just need one day of your time.

In that single day, I’ll run you through our build-the-strategy, produce-the-content and get it set to go workshop for those who want to make a huge leap forward into content marketing in a single 8-hour commitment.

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The course is built for advice professionals who want to improve their conversion of leads into clients, and extract value from their existing clients base without spending thousands on social media to do it.

I have this idea of running a face-to-face workshop where not only do I share the Content Monster system itself (templates, tools, cheatsheet, examples and all)….

…we also get it all implemented in one day

90 days worth of content marketing strategy designed, content scoped, videos filmed and/or articles produced, and the whole thing scheduled and ready to be published, all done and dusted in 8 hours.

I’m so keen to do this, but I want to know if it’s something that might be valuable to you and your business to help get you more great leads consistently.

I don’t need any commitment at all yet, but if it’s something you might be interested in, send us an email at with “I’m in” and I’ll share what I’m thinking.

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