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A New Way for Financial Advisors to Easily Embrace Video


Many of my advisor clients are fully embracing video as a way to educate their clients and introduce themselves to prospects.

And now, thanks to my friends and the video gurus at Idea Decanter, advisors have a brand new way to dip their toe into the video pool no matter their budget. Introducing: Remote Video!

By harnessing the powerful camera and technology that’s packed right into your smartphone, Idea Decanter can remotely control the video settings on your device and record high quality videos without ever stepping foot in your office!

First, they’ll send you the Idea Kit, a box that contains the lighting, tri-pod and other essentials you’ll need. The instructions they include make set-up a cinch.

Then you’ll coordinate a time for the Idea Decanter team to connect with your device, adjust the settings and coach you through your video session. They will help you nail down content ideas, and can even make your phone serve as a teleprompter to guide you through a script or talking points.

Finally, Idea Decanter then takes your footage and edits it into professional videos ready for your website, email newsletter, social media and more.

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I happily agreed to do a fun intro video to help them launch this spectacular video service that brings video capabilities to advisory firms of any size. (See above)

Video is a powerful marketing technique you can’t afford to ignore, and thanks to remote video from Idea Decanter, you can now afford video in your budget!

To set up an exploratory call with Idea Decanter and learn more about remote video & Idea Kit, click here. You’ll be glad you did!

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