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Advisors: “I'm an Expert" Is No Longer a Valuable Proposition


In the last two years, 90% of the information created since the beginning of time was created, to me, that’s mindblowing.

Elon Musk was recently interviewed by Joe Rogan and he put forward an interesting point.Every human being with a smartphone is now a cyborg (human/ robot hybrid). In essence, each of us is considerably more intelligent with our phone in our hand (with access to the worlds knowledge just a Google search away) than without.Now, think about that if your proposition to clients is “I’m an expert”. It’s no longer a valuable proposition.More information is not the answer. If it were, we’d all be billionaires with great abs (attrib. Derek Sivers)So what is valuable? Results.Related: 5 Steps to Escalate the Prospect ProcessHow can you as an adviser can easily tweak what you do so you’re no longer a financial expert, and instead someone who helps clients achieve a better life.A catalyst for change instead of someone telling them stuff they need to know.Someone who makes them act, instead of sharing what you know.That’s what this is all about. I hope it’s useful.