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Advisors: Have Opinions. Share Them. Become Your Business.


Advisors: Have Opinions. Share Them. Become Your Business.

Forming and then delivering an opinion is what professional advisers do for a living. With every client and every engagement opinions are created and expressed.  Virtually every incoming phone call and email that arrives from clients demands another opinion.

We aren’t short of having opinions are we?

Why then do professional advisers veer away from expressing them in print?  Or on video?  Or on podcasts?  Surely blogs are heaven sent opportunities for advisers to deliver opinions en masse?

But in the main advisers are poor at taking advantage of the content circulation opportunity….and the fabulous opportunity to build a strong personal brand as a professional is wasted. Instead, we see bland content continually being delivered newsletters which expresses somebody else’s opinion.  Not surprisingly that “someone else” builds a reputation and awareness in the clients minds which surpasses the advisers.

So this is for those advisers who are yet to put their voices out into the public domain, and showcase their professional competence and thinking.

Taking a stand or expressing a perspective or delivering an insight demonstrates leadership capabilities.  Not just thought leadership – which is excellent for building a great personal brand – but it shows actual people leadership.  Expressing opinions shows a way forward and demonstrates your concern for the interests of others.  It is in many respects a selfless act, although there is personal gain in building a strong personal reputation too.

Make no mistake that while I am a massive fan of the need to curate great content and share differing thoughts and perspectives with clients, and am not suggesting that advisers cease doing that, the bottom line is your clients want to hear what you think.    They want your opinions and thoughts.   Equally, other prospects who are like your clients and have similar issues and aspirations are interested in the opinions and thoughts of people like you.

For any adviser wanting to get noticed and get more business should consider getting active with delivering their professional opinions.  I have watched advisers in recent years ceased being personal client advisers as they have become so good at creating and delivering opinion, and shaping public thinking, that their business has become essentially one of publishing opinion instead of being personal advisers.  They are proof that if you want to get noticed and build your professional standing and business opportunities then you should state your opinions.

Have opinions.  Share them.  Build a great personal brand.

It’s good for your business.  It might even become your business.

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