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Advisors: Are You Leaving Revenue On The Table?


I want to talk about the principles of leverage and optimization.

In my 26 years coaching financial advisors, I’ve noticed one bad business practice — it’s advisors who overlook opportunities that are right in front of them. This is because most advisors operate under assumptions.

One, they assume that they have a great relationship with their clients.

Two, they assume that these clients will declare when they change status — which is simply not true.

One of the minimum standards of care that I work on with my clients is to create a 1 to 2 page balance sheet or net worth statement. This will keep you updated with the client’s current status thereby allowing you to help them achieve their financial goals.

Here’s what I want you to think about, If you were to look after all the clients that you are responsible for, how would you do it? What percentage of them has a balance sheet that is less than 12 months old? And is it part of your review protocol with your client to execute and/or update that balance sheet?

Watch to learn more on how to leverage your review process so you stop leaving revenue on the table!

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