Advisors: The Number One Time Killer and How to Get Those Hours Back

Apologies in advance for the aircraft noise, but I felt strongly enough about this not to want a little background noise to stop me from putting this out.

At what point did making non touch-typists input file notes into a computer system ever sound like a good idea?

However, that’s what thousands of advisers do every day and wonder why one of the major time-sucks in their business is record keeping.

Worse still, we’ve created a situation where most file notes aren’t done for days, maybe even weeks, after the meeting. By that time a wealth of important data is lost, never to be remembered.

The answer isn’t recording every client interview either. Who has time to listen back to a two-hour review meeting, or wade through a speech-to-text word-for-word transcription?

There’s a much better way and in this video blog I’ll give it to you, tech and all.

All you need to install is the habit.