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Advisors: You’re Either on the Sidelines Watching, or You’re Part of the Fun


Advisors - You're Either on the Sidelines Watching, or You're Part of the Fun.png

It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change. ~ Charles Darwin

The Sky Is Falling, but I Can See the Stars

The frog in the pot never knew.

The encyclopaedia seller didn’t see it coming.

The computer salesperson assumed an income for life.

The taxi owner thought nothing of paying $200k for a licence to print money.

It’s never the shark you see.

One of human beings fatal flaws is the assumption that the past will continue into the future.

Thankfully, that’s the doom and gloom out of the way.

Here’s the good news. Financial advice is going mainstream.

Remember when only rich people had personal trainers? Now it’s as natural as a haircut.

Advice is next.

A online advice business I met with recently shared the fact they generated over 7,000 hits on their website from a six-week social media campaign.

7,000 previously unknown prospects in six weeks. That’s more than most firms would hope to attract in their entire lifespan.

That’s not even the impressive bit. This is the impressive bit.

30% of them took a test of their financial fitness and engaged with the concept of getting a financial plan. No sales. Totally automated.

Mapmyplan then signed up 550 of them to create their own financial plan. By themselves. Using their online tool.

Who says advice can only be sold? Turns out it can be marketed, automated and scaled.

Another adviser I know is running his Australian based advice firm whilst living in London. Two others have just moved to the US, where they’ll continue to grow their business and help clients prosper.

The era of the digital nomad adviser isn’t on the horizon. It’s already here.

Countless businesses are automating, outsourcing, scaling and moving beyond the constraints of traditional advice firms.

What’s more is they’re doing it on their own terms. True entrepreneurs, no longer just implementing someone else’s distribution model.

Peter Drucker has been quoted as saying, “The only way to be certain of the future is create it“. Advisors: You’re Either on the Sidelines Watching, or You’re Part of the Fun

Whatever your thing is, find a way to start to play around the edges of what your advice business could look like. The first step is simply start asking “What if..?“

Never has there been a better opportunity for advice firms than now.

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