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The Buzzword That’s Overtaken Financial Services


Is it just me or has “disruption” suddenly become a buzzword in financial services?

It seems like every time I turn my head someone else is delivering some disruption-related workshop or webinar for advice professionals.

The danger when a term starts becoming so widely used is that the meaning of it becomes dulled down. Kinda like “holistic advice”, or “client-centric design”, or “Kim Kardashian”.

The truth is disruption is about two questions to ask yourself to work out whether you’re part of the evolution or a target:

  • Is my business doing things better, easier or more efficiently than last year?
  • Am I offering a service, or am I in the experience business?

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Right now we’re in an interesting space. The businesses that are able to nail their new business model now will pull away from the pack, building up a lead that won’t be drawn back until the next big wave of change.

If you need a case study to show you what I mean (and what NOT to do), let me share the story of the phone that used to last all weekend…

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