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Do the Economics of a Move to Independence Really Add Up?


Do the Economics of a Move to Independence Really Add Up?

How do the economics of going independent compare to the value of taking a recruiting deal from a major firm?

The number one question advisors ask when exploring a move to independence is how the economics compare to accepting a recruiting package from a major firm. It’s certainly a valid concern, because while the recruiting deals being offered by the wirehouses are down, it is still very possible for a top advisor to get a really attractive hard-to-pass-up offer.

In this episode, Mindy will help answer that question by walking through a real-world example of a traditional recruiting deal offered to a wirehouse advisor and what that same advisor could expect by going independent.

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Mindy will also explain:

  • Why independent advisors see on average a 20% bump in take-home pay vs. employee advisors.
  • Why forming an RIA means building an enduring legacy with tangible enterprise value.
  • The real “value” of an independent firm.

The superior long-term economics of the independent space – coupled with the satisfaction of business ownership and the ability to build a real enterprise – are why many entrepreneurial advisors to take the leap. Yet it’s important to understand how those economics really compare to other opportunities you may be evaluating.

Click below the image and listen in to gain the knowledge you need to make an informed decision.

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