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The Extraordinary Power of the First 90 Days

I recently was invited by Affinia , TAL and NAB to South Africa to run three sessions for a great bunch of advisers.I was impressed on so many levels by the teams, the advisers and the venue. Thanks guys for having me (particularly Marcus, Michael and the Affinia team, and Ajit from NAB ).

One of the things we covered was a topic on the program called The Power of the First 90 Days.

I wanted to recap some of what was covered and why it’s the most important time in the relationship most firms aren’t fully leveraging.We covered:
  • How to add sparkle to the client experience.
  • How to teach them to engage with your business the way you want them to.
  • How to educate them about the full value of what you do and offer from the start.
  • Should you take the few minutes it’ll take to digest this and get clear on the 5 things you can do to increase retention, reduce fee sensitivity and increase referrals(all proven outcomes)?Related: We Have a Problem, and We’re All ResponsibleIf you want to be able to build a business that defends itself from AI through the quality of your client experience (attrib. Kevin Kelley), I would strongly advise it.2019 is coming up quick. I’d love to work with more organisations like Affinia who are keen to help their advisers build amazing businesses and their teams to be the catalyst for making it happen. If you’d like to chat about getting me to speak on your behalf, work with your team or advice firms, or even licence our courses for your network, you can check out our speaking page here or email me and let me know what you need at [email protected].