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How to Get Your Ideal Clients without Sounding Like Every Other Financial Advisor


I’ll let you in on a secret…..

We find ourselves more interesting than anyone else.

Talking only about yourself is a one-way ticket to boring your prospects. But you’ll see Financial Advisors being guilty of this all the time.

So, why is it that when Financial Advisors talk to a potential client for the first time, they talk about themselves for much longer than they should?

It boggles my mind that’s how they think they’ll win over the business of their ideal clients. They don’t let the prospect say a word.

‘Being interested is more important than being interesting”  – Ann Landers.

Today, you’ll learn you how to win over high-value(dollar) clients without coming across as a total sleazebag.

Before we get into that, think about your best clients. The ones that make you the most money and give you the most satisfying feeling.

You might recall meeting them in various situations like charity events, networking, and other social events.

It wasn’t a planned meeting; it was spontaneous. How do we make the most of those situations?

If you meet someone who would make a perfect client, you need to ask the right questions.

Please don’t ask them tedious and superficial, ‘Hey how’s the weather?’ Type of questions. You’re going to put them to sleep. You’re a Financial Advisor, not a sleep doctor.

Your questions should get them talking about something that’s meaningful to them. One question you can ask is, ‘Tell me something good that’s happening in your world today?”

Short and sweet but very useful. This question elicits a positive emotional state no matter how bad the other person’s day is. They might talk about:

  • Something fun they did this weekend.
  • Something great that’s happening in their family, maybe a marriage or a childbirth.
  • A new fitness program they’ve stated that they wanted to brag about to anyone who’d listen.

Nothing puts a smile on a face faster than being able to talk about something that matters. Additionally, you could ask questions about any of the following categories to get a similar result:

Friends, family, fitness, fun, faith, career, philanthropy and passion.

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Guess what? No one wants to talk money and assets with a person they just met. But they’d love advice from a person they like (and they trust).

Building this rapport gets you into the door and is the first building block toward a profitable relationship.

Well, tailored questions build rapport and help get your foot into the door.

The best way to get good at this is to practice. Next time you want to spark up meaningful conversation ask a sincere question.

Watch their eyes light up, like a thirst they hadn’t quenched in years.


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