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How Much Should Professionals Give Away for Free?


It is difficult to work out how much of your expertise you should give away for free isn’t it?

Most professionals give away free hours as part of their marketing to try and engage new clients, and in some professions even give away entire services which have become commoditized, such as lawyers offering “free wills”.

With SEO being largely driven by the internets’ voracious appetite for fresh content, and therefore search being a critical element of simply getting found and taken seriously by prospective clients, there is no doubt that professionals have to put at least some of their expertise out into the public domain in order to be credible.

But how to do that without giving away all of your valuable expertise and skill?

It is helpful to categorise what you know into 3 core areas in your mind, and one of those areas can be given away as promotional material.  One can be kept to begin the new client engagement process, and one is absolutely high value work which should attract premium pricing, as we discuss in this weeks quick video…

Watch the video to learn more!

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