How to Be an Effortless Adviser

Can we just take a breath?

We’ve covered a lot of stuff, from appointments to marketing…

Sometimes I find myself feeling overwhelmed by the amount that’s out there. I speak to a lot of potential new clients that feel exactly the same way.

Some join us so they can solve that problems.

Others choose not to because they feel that way.

“Once I get my business sorted I’ll get a coach” is a weird one for me, but part of me understands. How on earth can you even think about attracting new clients and refurbing your service offer when you desk is a pile of paperwork and your diary looks like a bombsite.

Either way, you can’t, which is why whenever I start working with a new business we start with something we call “Getting Off the Beach”.

(I didn’t make that up by the way. Like most people who are into this stuff, I’m lucky to draw on the knowledge of the hundreds of incredible coaches who have been kind enough to share and send the elevator back down).

It’s simply the idea that before you can do anything amazing, you need to first clear space at the workbench. Solve your biggest constraint. Untie the shackles before you can run a mile.

The biggest shackle is usually time.

Now, I’m not a productivity coach, but I am a productivity nut.

I’m also a growth hacker, which means I’m always looking for the minimal effective dose.

I want the smallest possible solution to deliver the best possible result.

The big answer to the time question involves changing the way your work, the way you work and leveraging processes, systems and technology to remove you from the centre of it all.

But that takes time, which you don’t have. Catch-22, right?

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Instead, start small. Where could you free up two hours in your week? How about five? What about ten?

Let me start you off. Here are two ideas.

The first is simple. Stop typing your file notes and start using one simple apps, a credit card sized prompter card, cloud storage and a newly-formed habit to do it five times faster.

And no, before you ask, this isn’t about transcribing your entire meeting. Anyone who has ever tried to read the transcript will tell you why that doesn’t work.

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The second is kind of about the first, but more fundamental. It’s about writing your advice documents faster, and it’s got Tom Cruise in it (really)

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