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How to Create an Anti Micro Management Rhythm in Your Firm


Here’s an issue that came up as part of my 1:1 coaching over the past few months. The effort required to manage staff workload.

To be specific, more than one adviser I’ve worked with recently has spoke of having to spend significant time each week assigning tasks to their team, then even more time tracking what’s supposed to be getting done and getting updates.

Then, when they did manage to farm out well defined scope, good team members (often VAs) chewed through the work in a fraction of the time required to assign it.

That’s the wrong way around, obviously. Staff are supposed to free you up to do the work that makes the business grow. They’re supposed to come to you and report where they’re at. The tasks you’re assigning shouldn’t take longer to handover than do.

After all, if that’s the case it’s quicker to do it yourself, right. Only problem is that’s the kind of thinking that will restrict you from ever growing.

How about a solution (well, a partial solution. There’s more to it than just this that would

  • Require only 20 mins a day, and
  • Free you up from being a human workflow/ reporting bottleneck?

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