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Key Performance Areas Required to Design, Develop, and Sustain a Successful Business


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We are already into the second half of 2015! WOW, I can’t believe how time flies. Are you on track to reach your year-end goals? Now is a perfect time to conduct a mid-year business review.

Without taking the time to reflect, it’s difficult to know whether your tactics and strategies in the first 6 months have positioned you closer to your goals.  A mid-year review is necessary to evaluate your progress, identify gaps, and make adjustments.

Ironstone is fortunate to work with leading advisors across the country. Many of these advisors are increasing their performance standards by placing laser focus on core elements within what we have identified as the Fundamental 4™. The Fundamental 4™ are key performance areas which encompass optimal strategies required to design, develop, and sustain a successful business.

The foundation of our professional engagements is based on these core elements and built with a step-by-step approach to create a custom road map revolving around our client objectives. The Fundamental 4™ is the philosophy that shapes our business, ideas, and solutions.

Methodology and Cycle for Development 

Our methodology is based upon our underlying principles and is designed to establish the scope of our professional engagements. This cycle for development is described by the following approach:

  • Observe the business, the team, and the individual to determine inconsistencies and align our unique business solutions with key performance objectives. 

  • Analyze the business, the team, and the individual assessments to establish a foundation for our collaborative partnership.

  • Design strategies through a collective effort to forge the business, the team, and the individual that translates the knowing/doing gaps into tangible systems and processes for consistent performance.

  • Implement key deliverables with vigorous accountability to achieve goals and overcome anticipated challenges. This concerted effort unfolds one small, yet purposeful, step at a time.

  • Monitor progress by measuring efficiencies and guiding the transformation of the business, the team, and the individual for continual development.

Review the core elements within the Fundamental 4™ to identify the areas you need to place your focus.

Ironstone Infographic-Fundamental 4™


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