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It’s Prime Networking Time!


It's Prime Networking Time!

There are two types of advisers at this time of year:

1. Those who begin finding it tough to close out the game

2. Those who are already started on a new game.

Typically in December & January most clients are trying to close out their own business games….get THEIR jobs done before the end of year and the festive season and get ready to have a break themselves, and they are under more time pressure than usual.  It can be tough to get appointments, let alone do the business.  For some advisers that makes it a deadly production period.

For others though, it is the opening of the New Year’s business….this is prime networking time!  It is a time to get social, spend more and better quality time with key clients, centers of influence and potential new clients….it is a time of working on creating or building upon great relationships that lay the foundation for the next production year.

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