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Run Your Business Every Day as If You’re Selling It Tomorrow


Run Your Business Every Day as If You’re Selling It Tomorrow

Every independent business owner will reach a point where gaining scale and solving for continuity and succession become paramount. It’s then that they begin to wonder: What does my firm’s end game look like?

Perspective breakaways and independent business owners alike often ask us about the long-term, bigger picture potential for their firm. How do I solve for succession and continuity? Why would someone sell? Who are the buyers? And is there a market for an RIA like I’m considering launching?

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Click below the image to listen to this episode as Mindy speaks with Nathan Bachrach of Cincinnati-based Simply Money Advisors.

Last year, Nathan’s $700mm firm merged with Hanson McClain, a California RIA, to form a $3.3B enterprise. So Nathan is well-positioned to discuss the answers so many independent business owners ponder:

  • What could a merger solve for?
  • What is the introduction and courting process like?
  • Why use a private equity firm?
  • How do clients react to the news?
  • Does the client experience change after a merger?

For advisors looking for their next step, Nathan says it best: “Run your business every day as if you’re selling it tomorrow.” By being laser-focused on his firm’s profitability and economics, he built a legacy for himself, his family, his clients and his staff—one that will continue to provide for years to come.

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