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Set a Target for New Ideal Clients in 2018


Set a Target for New Ideal Clients in 2018

Not sure why…but a lot of advisors are afraid to set goals.

But one thing I know for sure…to climb the success ladder, you need to:

  1. Know where you are today
  2. Develop a clear picture of where you would like to be and when
  3. And have a system for getting there

For most advisory practices this can be simply measured through the addition of new ideal clients and the AUM they represent:

  1. How many ideal clients do you work with today?
  2. How many new ideal clients would you like to add over the next 12 months?
  3. What proven system will you use to attract new ideal clients?

Unfortunately, in today’s uber-bullish environment…

…too many advisors are relying on “market growth”

…are actually growing less than the “market”

…or they’re just adding or converting assets from existing clients.

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These metrics can be smokescreens.

When you let your growth plan rest on things you don’t control, you leave yourself exposed to a major business meltdown. You’re rolling the dice with your income.

The risk isn’t worth it.

This leads me to question #2 (of 9) that I ask my clients at the end of each year…

Did you set and achieve your goals for adding new ideal clients and Assets Under Management (AUM) to your practice?

So…think about your 2017 results…how would you rate yourself in this category?

And take it a step further, by asking…

…Am I over-relying on the “market” and current clients for asset growth?
…What is my target for new ideal clients in 2018?
…Do I have a proven, repeatable system to get there?

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