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The Simple Solution to Creating a Successful Mentorship Program


Written By: Connie Deianni

The thing about mentoring is that when it’s done right, it changes lives. Period.

When ideas are discussed, noodled over, challenged and either implemented or discarded, an individual’s passions can be realized.

This is the very essence of mentoring. So, why don’t people engage in mentoring more often? I believe it’s because they don’t know where to start or who to identify as an ideal mentor.

Getting Started with Mentoring

The simple solution to creating a successful mentorship program starting point, middle point and conclusion are goals.

Not lofty, “conquer the world” type goals, but real goals set by the mentee. Goals that come from the gut and mean something to the mentee; skill sets they have not yet mastered but know they need to in order to achieve the next step, promotion, title, bag of money or job satisfaction.

I always suggest three goals. Not ten and not two, but three. I ask mentees to really think about what they do well and what they still need to have a better understanding about. Then write down the three areas needing better understanding on a sheet of paper. Not a paragraph, just one sentence.

Once they have three sentences written, I ask them to write a sentence or two about what success will look, feel or sound like when those three goals are accomplished.

Now, we have a starting point! The next step is to find someone who has the knowledge or connections to address those three goals. That’s your mentor!

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Simple Next Steps

The conversation then becomes an easy one for the mentor and mentee by focusing on the three goals which will allow both the mentor and mentee to define a path for attainment. These three goals are always the foundation of the program, the roadmap for discussions and the touchstone for achievement.

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