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Stop Micro Managing Your Team!


Stop Micro Managing Your Team!

I just want to share with you one quick tweak you can apply in your business to take your staff from place where they are maybe in motivated for a place where they are sort of driving it and taking the initiative.

So here’s the thing, last week I was chatting to a client of mine we’re in one of our ultimately coaching sessions where we do month-on-month and one of these we were talking about is kinda how he can stop from having to micromanage staff members, in other words how can you move away from heavy to know exactly what the staff doing really keeping on it on top of them in order to get them to perform.

If you’ve got this problem how you can solve it.

I call it the rhythm model, the idea behind this is you schedule two meetings in your diary, one in an early morning meeting to ten minutes and the one in an afternoon meeting for ten minutes and this is something you do with your entire team.

The idea here is this is a non-negotiable and in the morning you’re getting together standing up and you’re going around the room one by one asking for two bits of information what are you going to work on today and what do you need from everybody else in the room now. 

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There are 2 things that you want to happen:

1. You want to get people really really clear about the actions. None of this you know, discover what are the activities that they’re going to undertake between the beginning of the day and the end of it and go around quickly. No dawdling no stopping and if they need help with it take the time to get help and involve the whole team.

2. The second part, this is at the end of the day, a ten-minute check in. Last thing again, non-negotiable, everyone comes in and says what have you achieved today and what are your plans for tomorrow and this is ultimately about building accountability for people.

As a business owner you’re no longer need to micromanage people because all the information you need is going to be there. Secondly, you’re going to create a culture of action and the idea behind this is don’t skip.

Most issues I have seen with businesses, they start off with about two or three weeks and then they let it slide. All that they’re doing is sending out the message to their staff. But this is a trend something you’re trying is not going to be something you maintain.

To be specific, more than one adviser I’ve worked with recently have spoken of having to spend significant time each week assigning tasks to their team, then even more time tracking what’s supposed to be getting done and getting updates.

Then, when they did manage to farm out work, good team members (often VAs) had chewed through the work in a fraction of the time required to assign it.

That’s the wrong way around! Staff are supposed to free you up to do the work that makes the business grow! They’re supposed to come to you and report where they’re at! The tasks you’re assigning shouldn’t take longer to handover than do! After all, if that’s the case it’s quicker to do it yourself, right.

Only problems is that’s the kind of thinking that will restrict you from ever growing…

How about a solution (well, a partial solution. There’s more to it than just this) that would a) require only 20 mins a day, and b) free you up from having to do be workflow/ reporting bottleneck?

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