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The Dumb Games Advisors Play


I am pissed off today because I am watching professionals sedate themselves into believing their current situation is the cause of outside forces and not taking full responsibility for their own action or more accurately their lack of action.

Countless advisors have no written business/strategic plan. They float their entire careers making some money, frustrated, angry, and lying to themselves and sometimes their clients. Ask them about their own financial plan, there is silence. Yet they wonder why they can’t seem to influence their clients and prospects to do a plan.

They believe they have a JOB, and wonder why they can’t seem to create any momentum. Hey dumbass, you DON”T have a job, you have a business. Wake-up and look at your truth. You are 100% responsible for your success period end of story. Stop whining about compliance, the markets, and geopolitical BS. Some of you watch TV all day and ignore helping your clients, that’s genius!

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They think they can wake-up after the sun is already up, screw around in the morning, show up to the office with no plan, eat like sh*t, feel like sh*t, and wonder why their business and life is in the dumpster. Some of these advisors are highly educated MBA from prestigious schools who have no clue on what to do to move the needle. Wait, yes they do. Let’s go get some more education and put some more letters after our name. Hey dumbass, that WILL NOT work because it HAS NOT worked.

You can’t buy your way out of this pit. More practice management and marketing WILL NOT fix the man or woman in the mirror. Stroking a check for the next can’t miss shiny object will make you feel better for a short period of time like a sugar high.

Until you can look at yourself and say truthfully these most powerful words “I must change who I am”. Nothing will change for you.

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