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The Formula For Positioning Yourself For Ideal Clients


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“Poor positioning of yourself and what you can achieve for your ideal clients is the number 1 reason for ideal business opportunities not coming to you….”

Many professionals experience the frustration of good clients doing good business elsewhere, or ideal prospective clients not being referred and ultimately doing their business elsewhere, and there is probably nothing more frustrating than those experiences to a professional with genuine expertise.

It isn’t the client or potential referrers fault if they don’t understand what great value we can deliver or how we can help them.  It means that we have got our positioning wrong in their minds.

Positioning is about ensuring that the target market clients know what problem or problems it is that you can solve for them.  It resonates with the target market because you are talking about something that they care about….it is relevant to them.

The formula for getting your positioning right is not that difficult, but it cannot be left to just evolve of its own accord as you happen to be speaking to a potential referrer. The potential business which is lost from meaningless or bland positioning can be extraordinary, so it is wroth thinking about carefully and deliberately – and then getting right for your target market.

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