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This Fee Conversation Had Me Mad As Hell


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So I’m not a “get mad” kinda person, and certainly not in a professional sense.

This question though had me simmering in my own juices all the way over Christmas.

If you’ve ever been challenged on price (I’m guessing you have, even indirectly at least once, right?), then you may be able to relate.

Even when I’ve charged more, and done my pricing comprehensively, and I absolutely believe in what I do, there is still some part of me that takes it just a little bit personally.

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Am I too sensitive?

Well, hopefully, I channeled it the right way.

I made a list of all the reasons my fee is a great value, and it helped clarify it for me.

I reckon there’s a couple of ideas in there which may be useful if you ever need to bat away such a challenge.

Compounding for one. The “knock on” effect for another.

Most of all, I hope it gives you the confidence to charge what you’re worth.


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If you’re like to build a business with an ethos at the core of it around maintaining a relationship with your clients, and leverage technology to make it easy, this could save you hours.

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