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This Seductive Mistake Can Bankrupt Financial Advisors


This Seductive Mistake Can Bankrupt Financial Advisors

As a listener of this podcast, you know marketing is essential to your success as a financial advisor. And you probably have ideas on how to improve your marketing.

But if you think of marketing and think of commercials, slogans and branding, even your most creative ideas will fail.

In this episode, you’ll hear how to do the exact opposite of what you think of as marketing and actually get more clients.

Show highlights include:

  • Why you’ll make more money if you don’t build a brand and stop generating goodwill. (6:25)
  • Ditch “awareness” or “brand equity”. Here’s the only marketing objective you need as a financial advisor. (8:45)
  • Why “branding” is a money-pit but “personal branding” can make you rich. (11:15)
  • Why building your brand can be good… as long as it’s free. (13:05)

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