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Two Simple Options to Handle Life’s Challenges


Two Simple Options to Handle Life's Challenges

Amy Purdy said a lot of great stuff about challenges and her personal story is more than amazing. But the thing that struck me the most was: “…the obstacles and challenges in our lives can only do two things, stop us dead in our tracks, or two, force us to get creative”.

Sometimes things are as simple as 2 options.

Although as business transformer, my client’s prefer getting many options and solutions to their challenges. They prefer picking the one that fits best for them.

But I also am a member of the “faced with a challenge, I will not quit” club… a quote from the late Robert Schuyler. So onwards and upwards I go! 

My Current Challenges

We all have challenges.  Coaches included.  Life doesn’t always bring roses just because you have a lot of personal development, business, or finance training.

My challenges are nothing next to Amy’s. But life is not a competition unless you’re in the Olympics. Challenges are just, well, changes that need a bit of new solutions and thinking. They are part of change. My challenges are small, but they are challenges to overcome and that’s what will happen — one way or another.

My small challenges are:


  1. Moving from a place with a yard I gardened in and 2 bedrooms, and beautiful views all around, to a studio apartment with 220 square feet with the Verrazano Narrows, V-Z bridge, a block away and a water front to bike in. But I do have my parking spot!
  2. Driving 3000 miles back home, with a car way to full, to a place I left in 1981, for good I thought, to a city of (mostly) concrete — Brooklyn. Thank goodness for the Brooklyn Botanical Garden and the walking/biking path near the V-Z bridge.
  3. Moving knowing when I get there I’ll have to purchase business supplies, adding machine, back up computer, printer and back-up printer, and such, since what I had just wouldn’t fit into storage with the items I wanted to store or they were old and it was time to gift them to others. On the good side, my phone that I thought needed to be replaced, wasn’t broken after all. I just needed new cords to keep it powered up.
  4. Catching up on my rest and getting enough sleep. I have that covered with Couchsurfing I’m off to a great start here in Seaside, Oregon. Small challenges, for sure with large impacts on my life.

Yesterday was the final day of a 6 month-long venture to pack my things and move back to NY from WA state. I left the home I lived in for 18 years, and started the drive back to NY for another journey.

I drove to Oregon last night and Amy’s Video was the first video I saw first thing today, on my Facebook Feed, after waking up in Seaside, OR, the end of the Louis and Clark TrailIt’s got a beautiful beach with sea-stacks (those rocks you see in the water).

Today I will enjoy what comes AFTER purging, boxing and organizing everything for a move. A lazy day in my PJs, and onto the Louis and Clark Trail and the beach tomorrow.

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