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Want to 10X Your Practice? Use These 3 Small Shifts


Want to 10X Your Practice? Use These 3 Small Shifts

The British cycling team epitomizes the 10X effect. Before 2008, the team had 1 Olympic medal in the history of competing. Then Sir David Railsford took the lead, and they have never been the same since. Collecting 20 medals over the last 3 Games combined

It’s not uncommon to have big goals at the start of a new year. Personally, I’m a fan of big audacious goals, but we can easily be overcome with frustration and even upset if all we do is focus on the result of getting, versus the process of being. When the Cubs won the World Series, they had the goal at the beginning of the year. Some might say the goal started 100 years ago, regardless; they took that goal and broke it down game by game, inning by inning, pitch by pitch.

To get the 10X effect here are three things you and to help you get on the podium, but feel successful along the way.

#1 Marginal Gains

Ricky Henderson, the all-time MLB base stealing record holder reached this pinnacle by stealing one one base at a time. You can do the same by breaking your business down into its key parts: sales, marketing, service, expenses, etc. Now look at the activities you have planned in each of these areas and create ways to get a 1% gain. 

Notice the word: create. Your business is not where it is because you don’t have the resources (prospects, profitable clients, recruits, prime market conditions, faster compliance). Instead, please consider that your business is where it is because you haven’t been resourceful.

Ouch! Did that sting a little? Good. We truly need to be accountable for what we have and do not have in our life, and our business. Being honest creates an opening for possibilities to slide on in!

So what does this look lie for you? Maybe it’s making ten more calls in a week, sending out 100 more direct mail pieces, asking for two introductions instead of 1. You will likely agree that this is much easier (and saner) to achieve then saying you want to increase your sales by 20-30%. Find your “2-millimetre” difference and go get it done.

#2 Leverage

How much are you worth per hour. Is it worth your time to stuff envelopes and follow-up with the printer? Self-employed folks who are a one-stop-shop have a tendency to get stuck int eh weeds of the business versus the fields of harvest. Sometimes professionals feel it’s just easier for them to get it done. That would be a control issue and a great reason to consider working with a Performance Coach or Business Consultant because that mindset does not serve. That mindset is a type of suffering that is likely unknowingly holding you back.

Other reasons for not delegating is cost. “It will cost too much…it will drain me.” I often hear this kind of statements which are limiting beliefs. Limiting beliefs are those little voices in your head that are trying to protect you from a potential failure.

Muting those limiting beliefs, and putting leverage in your business is the single easiest thing to do. Sites life Fiverr makes it easy to get great stuff done at a fraction of what you might think it costs. Take your top 3 non-ROI activities and find someone who can do it so you can spend your time on ROI producing activities.

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#3 Personal Health

Jack Lalanne, the celebrated fitness guru, who put much of what we know today about fitness on the map, including his juicer; was able to have that energetic charisma because he took care of himself. His brand wouldn’t have attracted the same if he looked like a dough boy. Tonny Robbins has a vigorous routine before every event so he can perform at is best. Do you?

Fitness, nutrition and mindfulness are elements that perhaps you could add to your 1% improvement category.  Where can you sharpen your diet to get more greens and less alcohol? What would you have to do, to create space in your calendar for 20 minutes of fitness every day? If you could experience gratitude on a daily basis, how would that affect your state and energy with others?

The idea of 10Xing your practice can feel daunting. The thought might even get your little voice to squash the idea altogether. By taking your large goals and looking for marginal gains that will give you a compounding effect, you can feel success along the way and have more fun getting that big audacious goal in the bag.

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