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Why Prospects Need to Get to Know the ‘Real’ You


Why Prospects Need to Get to Know the 'Real' You

Before a client makes the decision to do business with you he or she has to feel you are the ‘right fit’ for them. They’re about to embark on a journey into what’s often unknown territory for them – so they need to feel a real connection with their selected advisor.

Build rapport by letting prospective clients see the kind of person you really are. Let your personality shine through.

Keep it real with a ‘who I am’ story

In your first meeting with prospects getting to know you should be the priority, so don’t bombard them with facts or figures. Instead, create a relaxed atmosphere and have a relaxed conversation. Swap stories. Let them talk about their background, fears and aspirations, then tell them all about you.

Use examples from your own life experiences to illustrate why people should trust you. Demonstrate that you care. What’s happened in your life that’s made you the person you are today?

While it can be hard letting clients see your vulnerable side, doing so is a powerful way to establish rapport. It marks you out as authentic and spirited. Think of the tragedies and triumphs you have faced and include elements everyone can relate to.

Decide what it is you want prospects to take away with them at the end of your meeting – what impression do you want to make?

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Let prospects know you’re there for the right reasons

Many great advisors have wonderful reasons for becoming Financial Advisors: An Advisor I know worked for HEB Groceries in Texas prior to becoming a Financial Advisor. HEB has more than 350 stores in the state of Texas. My friend was in the management program.

One night he was in locking up in the back of a store. He got a call telling him to come down front. Someone was shop lifting.

He went to the front of the store and saw that was indeed the case. They let the person get past the cash register, to be absolutely certain she was shoplifting.

They took the woman into a back room and he underwent one of the saddest and most emotional moments of his life. The 79-year old woman was sobbing hysterically, completely mortified and broken.  She had shoplifted a bar of soap and a bottle of aspirin.

He tells his clients and prospective clients that a major reason he became a Financial Advisor is to ensure that folks don’t have to steal soap when they are seventy-nine years old.

If you’re in this profession to help others find financial security and peace of mind, get this across to prospects.

Tell your story with passion

Show animation to make sure your listeners are gripped by your story. Vary your tempo of speech and the volume of your voice. Use facial expressions and reinforce your message with gestures. If you’re confident enough, use humor and make use of parables and power phrases so long as they aren’t cheesy. Remember to keep it short and sweet though – the focus of your meeting should always be on the client first.

Practice your story constantly

You won’t have the perfect ‘who I am’ story overnight, but if you practice it enough and tell it with passion, you will eventually begin to influence people.

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Let the mask drop

What prospects want is a real, genuine relationship with their advisor so always talk to people on their level. Don’t be arrogant, or reel off numbers to make yourself look good, because this is guaranteed to turn prospective clients off. Instead, be modest and unassuming. That doesn’t mean you can’t be professional – you’re the expert, that’s not in question. But you’re also someone with a real personality and real opinions.

Clients are neither rational, nor consistent when it comes to their hiring decisions (in fact research suggests that people’s purchasing decisions are overwhelmingly emotional). When a client meets with you they’re not there to hear numbers, they’re deciding whether they like you and whether you can offer them the safety and security they are seeking.

Show prospects who you really are by using stories and make it clear you understand their concerns. Open up to prospects and there’s every chance they’ll decide to take things further.

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