Are Your PEDALS Moving You Forward?

Successful people take inventory of their PEDALs on a regular basis. This is what keeps them moving forward to even greater successes.

Just as pedaling a bicycle moves it forward, so does assessing the PEDALs in our work and in our life move us forward.Are you taking time each day, week, month, quarter, and year to reflect on your Performance, Experience Development, Attitude, and Learning (PEDAL)?In order to continually grow and improve, these are five key areas of expansion that need to be assessed on a regular basis. In reality, you can do this assessment in less than10 minutes.At the end of a selected time period i.e., a day, week, month, etc. make the time to assess the following: P – Performance. How did you perform on what you intended to get done? This assumes you set intentions, goals or made a list of things to do for the period. On a scale of 1-10, how did you do? Did you get done what you indicated you would get done? If Yes, celebrate what you did get done. If No, what got in the way or prevented you from achieving what you wanted? What do you need to calibrate so you can get done what you still need to get done? Did you do your best? What prevented you from bringing your best? Was it more of a mindset issue or skillset issue that needs to be improved for next time? Is there anything you will do differently or better next time? If your performance was spot on, then how will you stay on track? E – Experience. What was your experience throughout the day? Were you in the flow and feeling joyful and productive? Were you struggling and feeling overwhelmed and less than productive? Were you focused on what needed to get done or were you scattered around all the things that were not getting done? What’s your plan to improve your experience during the next segment? D – Development. What skillset did you develop or improve upon? How did you strengthen your mindset? What progress did you make on a project? What tasks did you complete that are moving you closer to the achievement of your goals? What did you build on during this phase that you can continue to build on during the next phase? A – Attitude. Think of your attitude more as your approach toward something or perspective about something. Were you more on the solution side of things or were you more on the complaining and excuse making side of things? For each situation we are either making progress or making excuses. There is no in between. Notice where you were on the continuum and what you need to think, feel, and/or do to move yourself closer to the level you desire. A great place to begin moving the needle is to adopt an attitude of gratitude. When you focus on what you have, you have what you need. When you focus on what you don't have, you have nothing. L – Learning. What did you learn how to do? What did you learn to do better? Did you discover a new resource or solution to help you get closer to your goals or make life easier? Did you learn a new concept that will help you be better at various tasks? What did you learn about yourself or your capacity for dealing with adversity or being persistent? Is there something you will no longer tolerate going forward? How did your knowledge of something grow to affirm you are an improved version of you this period than you were the last period?

Capture it in writing...

Simply by jotting down some notes to the prompting questions above you will lock in your PEDALs and accelerate your success. The goal is to notice, experience, and build upon the improvements from cycle to cycle. Watch how your life improves when you make assessing your PEDALs part of your regular routine.Keep pedaling and enjoy the journey.Make it up, make it fun, and get it done!

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