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3 Key Benefits to Branding Your Business


3 Key Benefits to Branding Your Business

We know you know why your brand will be a success. But do your customers know? Not yet, obviously. That’s why when you’re branding your business , you not only need to convey your image representing your vision, mission, and distinctiveness, but also what your product or service can offer to a potential client. Sounds easy, but you might be missing the point when fleshing out what you’ve got to offer — in other words, the product/service doesn’t have to just be good, it has to be good for your customers, and even more importantly, you have to prove it to them.

Now That Doesn’t Sound as Easy, But Thankfully We’ve Broken It Down for You — Into 3 Key Benefits to Branding Your Business

Keep these three things in mind when breaking down your product and service, and you’re that much closer to sealing the deal in nailing a portion of your industry. Your customers will see that your products or services aren’t just good — they’re most likely better than the rest, and something they should have:


How would you describe this? Is it about the way the product looks? What it’s made of? How it works? What the results are? How does it compare to the competition? Identify this, know how to communicate it, and you’re well on your way to targeting the sale.

After all, IKEA may be great utilitarian products optimally priced, but they’re not made to last a lifetime. Quality matters.


In this day and age, if you’re not offering some sort of ease of use or accessibility, you’re dead in the water. So try and angle your brand to offer some sort of convenience — easy payment and delivery, easy contact (24/hr customer service), offering efficiency for your customer in some way.

Heck, even the little stuff we take for granted — remembering customer names, follow-up sales calls, developing personalized solutions — matter way more in terms of convenience than those horrible tip cups you find at the fast-food restaurants.

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And Lastly, Value

It’s one thing to nab the customer…. But to keep them coming back? That’s the golden ticket. Your product or service can’t be just a 1-time thing. It has to be a many-time thing. It’s called customer retention; keep them coming back, and you’ve got guaranteed revenue. The question is how you get them to come back. What’s the value of your brand? Go beyond the features of the “right now” of what makes your business so awesome. Think beyond and ask yourself how your product/service will benefit the same customer you sold last year.

Think Nieman Marcus, Costco or Amazon, for example: you’ve got uniqueness with each, yet the value‘s all the same. Especially with those free samples from Costco!

All else being equal, you just make sure you have this trinity of aspects in branding your business.

Truly, Your Brand Could Be Anything — as Long as You Focus on Quality, Convenience, and Value

Simply ask yourself how is my brand good, can my customers get my brand, and will they come back over and over again. It’s a magic formula. You now have the ingredients.

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