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360-Degree View of the Customer


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We are now in the new era -“Age of the Customer”. Customers are your company’s assets. Understanding customers is the key to provide them good service. To deliver your promise, you need know your customers well so that you can anticipate their needs and exceed their expectations.  To become a customer focused company, you need a 360 degree view of a customer. Companies need to use better data analytics to gain a much more complete understanding of the customer behavior- what prompts customers to buy, how they prefer to shop, what factors make them switch from one company to another, what they will buy next and why would they recommend your  company to others.

Data is out everywhere. Finding the right information at the right time is tough. To achieve this 360 degree view of the customer, organizations need to leverage the Big Data. The 360 Degree customer view model captures and structures all internal customer, transaction and account data. The communications between the customer and organization (via email, service calls, website and paper), customer promotion links, demographics, credit and address validation information and segmentation data are stored here. This 360 degree customer view business framework helps to organize, enhance, manage, analyze and disseminate customer information across all departments. With analytics know-how, these departments can extract relevant information to help foster enhanced customer engagement, increased revenue, and long-term loyalty.

In the corporate world, people are continually on the lookout to grab the customers from their competitors. In order to retain your existing customers and increase engagement, you require a complete, knowledgeable picture of the customer. Having the 360-degree view of the customers helps you optimize your customer interaction and understanding. The 360° customer view reduces cost to the companies by providing a single source of clean, integrated customer data. It reduces time to market your new products and services by providing an accurate view of customers’ buying patterns. It also increases customer satisfaction and deepens relationships.

The 360 degree view gives a consolidated view of the customer across your enterprise. Harness Big Data to obtain the 360 degree view. Unlock the deep customer behavior and sentiments, search, analyze and explore the data, and use the Big Data to inform, cross-sell, up-sell and prioritize promotions. Understand your customers, interact efficiently and  deliver an engaging and personalized customer service with 360 Degree View of the Customer .

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