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Do Organizations Need Creative Discipline?


Gary Pisano has an excellent article in January issue of Harvard Business Review on the need for discipline in creative organizations. He recommends strategies like excellence, discipline, candid discussion collaboration and flat organizations;

However, these processes are frequently less effective because of the practices of decisions based on hierarchy rather than excellence and expertise. Specifically, I believe organizations are not changing fast enough to recognize best solutions rather than hierarchy in their creative and business processes. This is especially critical as analytics is increasingly becoming more important than Intuition.

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This is a mostly a function of traditional leadership styles and practices, it is also a function of traditional organizational structures. Hierarchy is still viewed as omnipotent by many practitioners Just look at structures like medical, political religious, police and. most businesses. They are all highly hierarchical which, regardless of flatness inhibit creativity .in contrast many tech companies truly build expertise into their processes.

What is difficult is that leaders need to accept to new decision-making parameters that requires dramatic change. This is even more important as innovative issues become more complex and require more diverse expertise

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