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Why You Should Focus on Driving Productivity from the Top


Regardless of the industry your business operates in, aiming for maximum productivity with and optimal return of investment (ROI) must always be on your mind.

This approach would be present in every aspect of your day to day operations. These aspects may include but are not limited to making purchasing decisions, taking steps to launch a new product line, or delving into improving your SEO through link building campaigns.

But all of those activities would be for naught if you did not have the resources at hand to motivate your workforce.

After a Certain Point, More Money Doesn’t Translate to Higher Productivity

To be clear, having relevant resources don’t always mean that you have to pay your employees more to improve their level of performance.

Of course, you have to provide your employees with a substantial enough paycheck to meet their expenses and keep them happy (as any decent employer should do). But once you have achieved that goal, payments on top of the higher-than-average paycheck may not get you the ROI that you are looking for.

These findings were compiled by the CFA Society United Kingdom. The organization concluded that after employees have received a certain goal of paycheck that keeps their present lifestyle going at a higher level, remuneration on top of this specific level doesn’t motivate them to exert more effort.

So what do you do when you have done all you can in terms of writing paychecks, but still cannot receive the kind of productivity that you expect?

You lead by example.

Bosses Who Lead by Example are a Magnet for Higher ROI

According to findings compiled by Gallup, higher productivity lies within the art of being a better manager.

Among other notable factors, the survey firm shared in 2018 that around 85 percent of employees find themselves to be disengaged or actively disengaged at the workplace.

Adversely, the survey also noted that employees that have highly engaged bosses or managers are 59 percent more likely to be engaged.

This means that in order to have so-called better employees or those which come with a promise of higher productivity, you yourself need to be a better boss, or rather a better leader within your organization.

You need to know exactly how to lead by example by demonstrating your engagement in your work; your interest to be a better resource for the company; and your drive to make your business a more successful entity.

If you are not actively involved in the day to day operations of the business that you own, then that’s another factor altogether. You may then need to look into managers who are not only self-motivated, but who have the drive to lead their teams and your employees towards success.

How Your Top Level Management Can Bring About Positive Change in Productivity

According to industry experts, there are a few surefire ways to ensure that you are driving maximum productivity from your employees. This holds true whether you employ these techniques directly as an active boss, or a more passive one. You may be more hands on or one that finds more effectiveness in proper delegation.

Some of the most popular tips that are followed by businesses and managers all over the world include but are not limited to:

Be Involved in the Business

This is demonstrated by the effort you put into your work every day; which could be displayed by how many meetings you take; how many plans you come up with; how many ideas you bring to the table; and overall, how many hours you spend being productive.

This shows your employees that you are not asking them for unrealistic goals, but something that you do yourself every day. By seeing you or their designated managers at work like they are supposed to be, your team members would be more prone to follow that productive lead.

You set the tone and it resonates.

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Listen with Empathy

One of the most important points in driving maximum ROI is to establish active communication with your staff. You need to make sure that you are approachable enough to have your team bring up concerns and grievances that they have experienced within the workplace.

This makes sure that you and relevant personnel resolve them as soon as possible. It makes your employees feel happy, satisfied and recognized in the workplace. They will then want to contribute more towards an environment that respects their needs.

Possessing an Emotionally-Intelligent Mind to Speak

At the same time, you should have enough authority to deliver feedback on your staff’s performance in a way that ensures immediate action on improvements. You do not have to berate them or insult them. Maintain a balance between being a pushover and a tough-minded authority.

Being optimally assertive is where your skills as a productive boss or manager are tested the most. This ensures that your employees are listening to what you have to say, which makes them more likely to deliver on the goals that you expect out of them.

Change Comes from the Top

What all of these findings allude towards is that regardless of your business or industry, a change in productivity has to come from the top.

You need to ensure that you are being the epitome of productivity yourself before you expect your employees to do the same, and that your C-level executives and any relevant managers understand that need as well.

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