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Six Priceless Lessons I’ve Learned in Business and Life


Six Priceless Lessons I've Learned in Business and Life

Dreams of success can be beautiful, motivating, and, many times, all consuming. Thinking about the things we can buy, the trips we can take, the freedom we will have. It’s fantastic.

However, we live our days flying by the seat of our pants. Rarely taking the time to really think about how that success will happen and what we can to do to give us the best shot.

The below list is not mine. It is the teachings of my coaches and mentors over the years. I hope you take a moment to think about these steps – which are you using? Which resonates the most?

1. Don’t Fall in Love with One Option (always have a pipeline)

You meet someone and ‘just know’ they are the perfect client or prospect. They haven’t recognized it but you have. You call them, talk about your product, service or yourself. The rest of your life will be great once this person joins your mission. You have tunnel vision. This happens to all of us. And it rarely leads to success.

Always have 10 prospects, ideas, strategies in your pipeline. Some will fade away or be the wrong fit. Many will move forward and be correct. As this happens, continue to backfill the pipeline so you always have 10.

2. Focus on the Big Things (that get you PAID)

In our lives and businesses, we know what is important. However, we rarely stop to think about them. We just do ‘stuff’ until the day is done. To drive success, write down what gets you PAID! Even if you are not a business owner or in sales, you know what the goal is, what your job is about, or what you want out of life. Do the things that will achieve these. Stop pushing papers around your desk, worrying about what you cannot control, or killing brain cells with what ifs. If it does drive revenue or success, don’t do it – or delegate/outsource it.

3. Work with Motivated People that like you

To be direct, stop trying to force stuff. Don’t make someone buy your product or be your client. Conventional wisdom says that 1/3 of people will not like you. Sorry. It’s true. It’s not you, its them. 1/3 are ambivalent. Neither you nor your product/service stir anything in them. Ahh, but the final 1/3 like you. This is your pond to fish in. Now all you have to do is find the ones that are excited about your offer. When you find these people, go after them with gusto and forget the rest.


4. 90% of Success is Showing Up

You need to be present, you need to put yourself out there, you need to Show Up. Most people won’t. Really. They won’t. A friend of mine bought a house for $1000 because he was the only guy at the auction. Another friend got a girl (way out of his league) because he said hi. Success doesn’t happen sitting on your couch and rarely in front of a computer. Get out there and be available so opportunities can present themselves.

5. It Doesn’t Get Better Than Yes

This is a sales and success killer. For some reason, we keep talking after someone says yes to us. It is almost like we feel bad we are providing what they want and we have to convince them not to do it. We all have stories when we did this. Stop it. If someone says yes, provide it to them!!

6. Never EVER Give Up

Read the title of this 6th step every day. Use it as a rallying cry. Some days will be great and others will be terrible. If you are passionate about what you are doing, keep at it. When you are struggling, find a mentor, hire a coach, ask your clients what is missing but do not give up on your dreams!

I hope you take a moment to think about these steps – which are you using? Which resonates the most?

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