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Why Going Against the Grain Could Save Your Business


Why Going Against the Grain Could Save Your Business

These days business just isn’t about playing it safe or going with the status quo.

Chances need to be taken. Such is the case for what is commonly called the business outlier, or in other words a professional who doesn’t follow the standard model of business in any given industry or market. Some might even call them trendsetters, whistle blowers, or even “contrarians.” I, of course, call them the hidden gems. The ones who might have an idea that’s never been tried before — and you never know, you just might be the first person to score a new niche, tap into a new market, or penetrate a brand-new revenue source no one ever thought existed.

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So Here’s Some Strong Advice for You: Listen to That Business Outlier. And Take Some Chances.

The challenge, though, is the fact that oftentimes the outlier or contrarian might push a few buttons or ruffle a few feathers, because let’s face it: going against the grain can cause issues. And sometimes going against the grain means you’ve got that loud voice that yells out into the crowd that the old way of working just doesn’t work anymore, and you’re all stupid, when that’s also not true.

So exercise caution — and listen to that enthusiastic business outlier. You might pull some really clever golden nuggets out of that business networking conversation.

Think of the landscape we’re currently in. Changes are aplenty. Think of the fact that we have so many ways of borrowing money at 2% to 5% or even no interest on 6-month credit cards, but even now companies are going with 12-20% requirement for returns while passing on other opportunities.

I implore you: don’t. Never assume, especially on outdated stuff. Try something new. You never know if it’ll work if you’re not testing it in your business model.

So Are You, In Fact, Testing Out Any New Business Ideas and Challenges?

If so, fantastic. If not, please reconsider. Chances are pretty darn good that even if it doesn’t work, you just knocked another low card in the deck, which gets you to that ace in there. After all, good business is like a deck of cards. A numbers game. Keep going through all of them until you land the full house.

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