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Why Your Business Culture Needs to Be Like Mission: Impossible

It would be pretty cool to be a super-secret agent like James Bond, or Jack Bauer, or Jason Bourne — or ETHAN HUNT! Yeah, that guy from the films “Mission: Impossible” played by the one and only Tom Cruise. What’s funny is that the best business culture out there embodies the secret agent accomplishing amazingly insane feats, hanging by a thread on a plane or scaling a big building. Maybe disabling a bomb with a toothpick? Now I’ve got your attention, but you’re pretty confused: how can your business culture be like that ? Easy:

The Trick to Your Business Culture Being Like Espionage Is Competitive Analysis, Namely KNOWING HOW TO PRICE YOUR PRODUCTS EFFECTIVELY!

And it’s no easy feat. Take our word for it. Many small businesses have the tough challenge of trying to price their products at the right amount — not too cheap, not too expensive. They want to be competitive enough…. But not sell themselves short. And honestly more often than not, you’ve got a lot of businesses out there pricing way too low.

The trick is to analyze the competition. Spy on them . Sort of “break in” to their secret facilities and know how they operate. This is especially the case when it comes to the biggest e-commerce giant Amazon as the lead competitor. How it relates to business culture ? Your team, your entire business , needs to review everything the competition sells, in and out.

Scout the websites. Look at what Amazon is doing. What they’re selling. How they’re selling it. How much are they selling their stuff for. See if you can dynamically offer something better , something more unique . Match the price, look at your overhead. It allows you to be more competitive when you’re willing to spy on the competition, and believe me: it’s a lot easier to do that!

No lasers to do cartwheels over. No masking the traps or finding the loopholes. Back in the day it was hard trying to analyze the competition given the brick-and-mortar, but nowadays with websites just a click away, it’s pretty easy slipping into Amazon and getting the inside scoop.

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So Make Sure Your Business Culture Is Doing Exactly That : They Need to Be Go-Getters, Predictors, Forecasters, Finders…. TRENDSETTERS. SECRET AGENTS.

Now we won’t say you could ever take Amazon down completely…. But you’ll definitely carve your niche and let the big boys know that you own it. And no on else will. Want to know more?