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10 Keys to Being a Top Advisor


10 Keys to Being a Top Advisor

After working under one of the most successful advisors in our industry, I took time, studied, read, and reviewed all of the Top Advisors I worked with over the years and found these ten things are the keys to being a top advisor.

1. They take great care of themselves.

The advisors who have achieved real success do not ever forget about the need to take good care of themselves. Eating healthy and a regular workout routine keep the mind and body sharp. Some would say they are self-centered when it comes to this, but if you as the Top Advisor are not healthy, it impacts all those you employ and your clients who trust you are on the top of your game.

2. They have a clear vision.

All of the advisors who found long term success know exactly where they want to go in life, all the way to the end. They know what needs to be done to truly live that vision. Writing it out and recording your vision in your own voice is a great way to program your mind to success. Top Advisors use this technique to remind themselves of their vision daily. This keeps them focused and allows them to push through when things get hard.

3. Yes, they work hard, really hard.

They work a lot, but it is very focused work. Yes they need to have vision and take good care of themselves physically and mentally, but they live for what they do. They work before everyone else is up. Come on, you know the saying the early bird and so on.

4. They are willing to make mistakes.

Falling down only means you have another chance to get up. Failure means you have a humble way to remind yourself you are human and there is something to learn from the failure. All successful advisors do not dwell on failures or mistakes; they learn and try hard not to make that mistake again.


5. They control their time.

Their day does not control them; they have to take control of it. Successful advisors will block their time so they can spend the correct amount of time doing each task. They close their door; turn off their phone and email notifications empowers them. They feel in control of their day. One of the best ways they control that time is they have the right processes in place to know when things leave their hands they will be processed correctly and efficiently.


6. They have a coach now, not a consultant.

They have been through every consulting program out there. They glean what they find important from each of the programs in implement them into their practice and their life. Now, they have a coach because they know they have the tools to be successful; they do not need to be clones of another anymore. They focus on becoming the best they can be; only a great coach can help you with that.

7. They know learning never stops.

Top advisors are veracious learners, they have multiple designations, licenses, and take time each day practicing and studying their craft. Their day begins with reading. This gets them into the mindset needed to focus all day. Your clients want an advisor who is well read on current issues and ideas.

8. They have mastered the art of delegation.

They have someone in their corner that takes care of the minutia. This can be a spouse, partner, or an assistant. All successful people do not get their without the support structure to allow them to focus on what they do best. They know what delegation really means. Delegation means you are able to totally hand off that responsibility to someone who can truly do it better than you. Delegation is not a sign of weakness; it is a sign of intelligence. Delegation is not losing control; it is a sign of real control.

9. They have a brand.

They have the best brand they can sell, because it is them to their core. All great advisors have a successful brand that they can spout off at a moment’s notice. It is in their DNA. They have a story of why they do what they do and how they do it. It is something they are proud of and ready to say. They believe in their process, because it is structured and works, it is totally in line with their brand.

10. They give back.

This can take the form of charity, mentoring, great benefits to their employees and team members. Not matter what form it is, a truly great and successful advisor gives back.

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